Men's Walk #81

Walk #81
Men's Walk
Oct. 20-23, 2005

Lay Director
Randy Ward

Assistant LDs
Mark Bottoms

Randy Goins
Jim Simmons
Wally Boswell

Spiritual Director
David Lock

Assistant Spiritual Directors
Ray Osborne

Steven Ray
Paula Northup

Table of Daniel
Linc Huffman
Doug Michael
Kevin Buck
Table Leader: Curtis Simmons - ATL: Frankie Julian

Table of Peter
Rob Murray
David Livengood
Andrew Aaron
Table Leader: Jeff Cobb  -  ATL: Bruce Waddingham

Table of Matthew
Bud Noyes
Larry Toohey
Andy Kerr
Table Leader: Dennis Robinson - ATL: Ted Tedford

Table of Paul
Max Mosteller
Rich Pryor
Scott Walker
Bob Cranford
Table Leader: Alan Wacaster  -  ATL: Glen Campbell

Table of Joshua
John Bell
Troy Connell
James Stephens
Table Leader: David Wacaster– ATL: Jef McCulloh

Table of Josiah
Patrick Berry
Geoff Moon
Milton Thomas
Table Leader: David Nicely-  ATL: Jody Steele

 Board Representative
Clifford Robinson

Terry Edwards

Noel Belk
Cecil Clark
Mike Meeks

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