Men's Walk #58

Walk #58
Men's Walk
Camp Loy White
October 17-20, 2002

Table of Peter
Table Leader - Rad Mayfield
Asst Table Leader - Keith White
Todd Martin
Cecil Clark
Mark Nidiffer
Jerry Willis

Table of Paul
Table Leader - Brian McNeely
Asst Table Leader - Mark Winslow
Doug Little
Steve Kirksey
Paul Foster
Randall Sullins

Table of Matthew
Table Leader - Harold Blanton
Asst Table Leader - Jimmy Clay
George Roberson
Dean Nestvogel
Kevin Umstead
Roger Decato

Table of Mark
Table Leader - Dwin Caldwell
Asst Table Leader - Tim Hatton
Kevin Payne
Donnie Floyd
Ken Greco
Robby Robinson

Table of Luke
Table Leader - Boyd Higgins
Asst Table Leader - Bruce Hamrick
Dale Norwood
David Wacaster
Chad Kurtz
Kevin Condrey

Table of John
Table Leader - Terry Hutchinson
Asst Table Leader - Jesse Thackerson
Tony Young
Mark Heffelfinger
Philip Putnam
Mike Rutledge

Music Team
Robert Barnette
Willie Bass
John Sutton
David Cahill

Support Team
Jim Simpson
Ted Phipps
Ronnie Troutman
R.A. Townsend

Spiritual Director
Carroll Flack

Asst Spiritual Directors
Jim Graves
Bruce Gwyn
Dan Tarleton
Larry Barden

Lay Director
Tim Davis

Asst Lay Directors
Chip Friend
Randy Goins
Andy Hollifield

Board Representative
Tommy Klutz

De Colores!